Speaker Bio/Topics


Juliet is passionate about living life. She went from Zero to CEO. Juliet brings her entertaining approach to empowering others, and inspiring them to go after their dream and live their best life now! Bring Juliet to speak at your next Conference or Event!

After years of working with thousands of professionals, and as a Forbes Coaching Council Affiliate, Juliet inspires in such a way, that countless of audiences were moved and driven to make life changes both personally and professionally!

Juliet’s speaking topics include:

  • Unlocking your fullest potential.
  • Dream – Build – Win (as she shares her Dream-Build-Win Model that led to her success going from Zero to CEO).
  • Tired of being Tired, [Recharge, Refuel, Restart] as she shares how to thrive spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically, and financially.
  • Transforming the way you think.
  • Serving is a part of success and selling based on Juliet’s mentors Les Brown and Kevin Harrington, the original Shark from the Tv Show Shark Tank.
  • Being a K.P.I. (Key Person of Influence), and a leader in your industry, while gaining customers/clients.
  • Empowering Affirmations and Inspirational Real Life events (and music) shared in her dynamic delivery.

Her newest book titled “Tired of being Tired” Recharge, Refuel, Restart is a survival guide that not only shares her story/journey but allows you to write in the book, engage, and be interactive as you read about working smarter not harder, and create your own blueprint for setting goals as you plan to dream – build and win! Juliet N. Jones quotes: “I am a girl from Harrisburg PA, who went from being a divorced, single mom with a low-end job – to no job at all, to becoming the CEO of my own company, Author, Speaker, Certified and Accredited Business Consultant /Life Coach Trainer, helping thousands to Soar both personally and professionally. It started with a dream!... “you don’t have to be great to get started, but you have to get started, to be great!”

Juliet Nichole Jones, Author, Speaker, Cet. Consultant /Life Coach Trainer
Vision: Empowering People Forward
Mission: DREAM – BUILD – WIN!
New Book titled “Tired of being Tired”?! [Recharge, Refuel, and Restart] Releases 4-22-19.
717-461-3177 / VIPFortune500ConsultingFirm.com/ VIPFortune500@yahoo.com

Juliet Nichole Jones had become an inspiration for so many by sharing her story and captivating audiences on purpose driven tips for Success! She believes there is no secret to success, however; there is a “system/process” and if you put in the work you will gain the results you desire. Success is what “you” make it, and it means something different for each person. For some it is financial gain, for some it is passion for what they do, for some it is living their dream as their own boss, and for others it is a combination of all of the above. Juliet N. Jones Quotes: I'm just a girl from PA who was a jobless, divorced, single mother, tired of being sick and tired, who dared to dream and dared to dream “again”, who with a proven system for success, is now the CEO of her my company, an Author, Speaker, and Certified Accredited Business Consultant/ Life Coach Trainer! Juliet is a dynamic speaker who lights up a crowd. In addition to bringing her trademark of enthusiasm, and energy to her speaking engagements, and/or business clients, Juliet increases retention, strengthens corporate cultures, and inspires others to thrive personally and professionally.

Additionally, having shared the stage with other National Inspirational Speakers such as Leroy Allen, Richard Patenaude, Shailan Mandayam, and the recent Suasion Leadercast event which featured Tyler Perry, Andy Stanley and many more…Juliet N. Jones captivates her audience with her ability to explore some difficult topics, navigated through transparency, honesty, warm, and added humor. Juliet N. Jones is a thought provoking – leader, and passionate story teller with her ability to connect with as well as inspire her audience to take charge of their lives and take action. She empowers others to realize their worth and potentials they didn’t know existed and/ or never dreamed they could reach with her Dream – Build – Win Model! Partnered with the PA women’s conferences, Central PA business journal (award recipient and 2019 Women of Influence Award Nominee), coupled with her service to her community as the NAACP Executive Board Member/Media Chairperson, Juliet Finds time to Co-host at 1460 AM Fox Sports Radio (on Echoes of Glory via iHeartMedia and host the VIP Corner Tv Talk Show dedicated to highlighting undiscovered heroes and those who impact communities even if they are not famous. Juliet N. Jones (also known as J. Nichole Jones) strives to make a difference in the community she lives in and serves.

Juliet N. Jones is dynamic and expressive! The crowd loves how she dismisses traditional speaking and formulas with current real life engagement of inspiration and empowerment! Her audience leaves feeling empowered to accept, recognize, and embrace taking “next steps” to going after their dream(s)! Regularly called on by various businesses, entrepreneurs and organizations, Juliet N. Jones calendar continues to grow as much as her audience!

After a challenging journey of being “tired of being tired”, Juliet N. Jones learned how to get to the next level in her own personal and professional career. Her Vision is to empower others forward, with a mission of supporting the “dream – build – win model” for obtainable success. Her book will inspire you to Recharge, Refuel and Restart. She aims to improve a more manageable work life balance needed to be successful in every area of your life (spiritually, emotionally, mentally, physically and financially). She doesn’t just speak at an event she engages the audience, interacts, and challenges them to step outside of their comfort zones. Her favorite saying is “you don’t have to be Great to get started, but you have to get started to be Great”!