Tired of being Tired, Recharge, Refuel, Restart is your guide book to Dream-Build-Win!

The Tired of being Tired book is the ultimate self-improvement play book, and Inspirational journal that will have you excited page by page. Juliet talks about stepping away from fear, your comfort zone, and taking risks even after set back or failures. She empowers you to want to live your best life now, and go after your dream(s). Juliet says "there is no secret to success" but there is a formula. In this book, Juliet shares the formula that allowed her to go from Zero to CEO!

Incorporating personal stories from her journey as a divorced, single mom with no job to owning her own company – Juliet will empower you to transform your life to one that is more satisfying and obtainable that you didn’t think was possible. Juliet and her team will also provide consulting services through her company VIP Fortune 500 Consulting Firm to help you Dream-Build-Win!